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3 5

Pants good for cold-weather cycling. Though not waterproof, which is surprising for a set of winter-weather cycling tights. If they were waterproof, pants would be no-question/dependable pants to wear on any winter day whether dry or snowy or rainy. Not being waterproof, they have a little more limited use.

Side pockets on the pants are nice to have.

Pants made in China.


3 5

Nice cycling jacket for wet/cold weather, down to 35F. Seems fairly waterproof.

The jacket has a neoprene-like smell on the inside, which is not very pleasant especially when it mixes with body odors. Not sure if this will eventually wear off. Also, since the jacket is waterproof it can become stinky pretty easily.

Suggest frequent washing to keep it fresh!

Nice to have all the pockets and the hood, though the front chest pocket is a little small for your phone.

Jacket is made in China.


3 5

Decent warmth gloves for general winter use, though not ideal for extreme cold. The lobster gloves themselves have a very tacky grip on them, which can be a little too grippy when cycling. Sometimes it makes it hard to quickly move your hands around on the bars, since the grippy-ness catches on things. Perhaps that will wear off over time.

Liners are separate gloves that can be worn on their own, which is useful. However, the liners are incredibly velcro-loving, and stick tightly to anything with velcro. Which means if you're handling something with velcro then you need to remove these liners. You realize how many things have velcro when you wear these liners. :) Also, the liners when worn with the lobster gloves are a little tight, so they can actually be less warm with the liners.

Move up a size if you always want to wear the liners.

Overall decent gloves, better than some lobster gloves I have used (Louis-Garneau) but not as good as others (SealSkinz and legacy PearlIzumi).