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Neoprene shoe covers. They keep my feet warm in the 40's and fit clean and snug over my 46.5 SIDI's in a XXL. I found that folding them almost completely inside out and then rolling them onto my shoes made them go on the easiest.


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My main gripes: 1. The grey lens is not dark enough for bright sun. 2. The nose is too narrow so they sit up high and dont feel that secure (on me, obviously others feel differently). The real ray bans these are kind of trying to imitate fit me much better. If those classic style ray bans are a little large on you, these will be perfect. I have a feeling that's why there are so many reviews where guys say their girls are taking these away from them. One smaller gripe is the hinges actually dont feel very solid to me. I get too much play when I twist the arms along the long axis. Other than that, it's the classic retro style sun-glass. What else can you say? The photo says it all. True to color.