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4 5

I ended up with this helmet after trying a couple of other helmets.

It is super comfortable! The ventilation is awesome; if I turn my head, I can literally feel the wind blowing my hair. I love the fact that no one I ride with wears anything close.

The one issue is that the straps, while comfortable, are a pain to get set and never lie flat.

All in all, I'll be wearing it as long as I can and would probably get another if I had to replace it.


2 5

I loved the look of the helmet. When I got the first one, it was too small (even though my head fit within the listed medium range). I exchanged it for the large, which sort of fit, albeit with side-to-side wobble. The problem was that the helmet was so heavy that the awkward fit was magnified.

Even though I loved the looks and ventilation, weight and poor fit forced me to return it...