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I ordered this jersey after ordering the bibs. For reference (which I feel is definitely needed for LG sizing) I am 6ft, 168lb, somewhere between a 30 and 32 waist.

The bibs are superb. I love them. Honestly my favorite set of bibs by far. Sizing chart is off so order your normal size, for me that's a medium. Based on waist, they told me to order a Small. Nope.

Jersey seems to be of excellent quality as well. I ordered a medium. Upon initial fitting, the arms are long and tight, exactly how i like them. The chest and stomach however, a bit of extra fabric. Not my favorite and a bit long for my taste. I like a tighter race cut jersey. Again, this is my preference speaking.

I'm ordering a small to see what happens. To reiterate, I ordered a large bib and am ordering a small jersey. Just keep that in my if you have my same preferences as the medium jersey is just a bit big around the stomach. I'm not a twig, but i'm not carrying extra beer gut either.

Hope this helps.


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Seems to be good construction with a solid chamois, but their sizing is way off. I was skeptical about ordering a Small (waist 32"), should have stuck with the Med or Lrg. Couldn't even get these on.

Update** have since ordered a size large and worn them on 5-6 rides. By far my favorite bibs ever owned. They are compression, so they do fit tight. I guess i have a bit larger thighs than normal...the large fits tight but i have between a 30-32in waist. I'm 6ft, 168lb. adjust accordingly.

As another review stated, these begin to feel like they are not even there. I love the compression. No need to readjust mid-ride.

We'll see how the stitching holds after a few months but everything checks out so far. Except bibs. Looking for them to go on sale again to order set #2.


2 5

After 3 morning commutes of roughly 10 miles each, these have started to come unstitched everywhere. The design of the sleeves and materials used do not work well together. Granted, these were tight and so the material was pulling, but I would expect some flex so they stay up on the arms. These have about 2% stretch capability. It would be equally annoying if they were loose to constantly fall down. A poor attempt.