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the last couple of years when the temp dips into the 30's or below, i've been using lobster gloves combined with wool gloves. this combination is warm and allows me extra space to put a chemical packet in if needed (necessary with this combination when it's sub-freezing), but dexterity was awful and the lobsters would occasionally slip on the bars/hoods. so i thought i'd try these out, based on all the great reviews. so far, i'm quite pleased! i've ridden with them for a couple hours in temps down to 21F with wind chill taking it down into the low teens; and that's before you factor in the wind chill i was creating myself by moving at about an 18 mph average. in this, they were fine and i basically didn't even think about my hands. and this is with just this one pair of gloves; no other glove liners, covers, or chemical packets! on the flipside, i've ridden with them in ~37F temps and my hands got cold from sweating too much! so they certainly do have a top end to their functional range as well.

grip with them is excellent. i hope it lasts. i've had to remove them a couple of times during rides and haven't had any issues with them wanting to turn themselves inside out or getting my hands back in, etc. dexterity is MUCH better than lobsters (obviously) and drastically improves the bike "feel" (on the bars). you can do small things like zip/unzip jackets as needed, but i'm not sure you could do bike maintenance or change a flat with them on. but that's true with any glove that will get you down below the freezing mark. i've not yet ridden with them in precipitation but honestly for the range these are intended (freezing or below) i usually stay in during snow/ice storms or at least wait until it passes. ice road riding is no fun. construction-wise, i give these top marks. they seem very well made with quality stitching and fabrics all over and the high cuff velcro closure is excellent. i anticipate they will wear quite well and last a while.


4 5

excellent bag so far; doesn't rub my legs and looks good on the bike (as well as a seat bag can, at least). my only gripe is that i wish the velcro didn't bulk up so much at the bottom; makes it bigger than needed and spoils the sleek look somewhat.

this easily fits one road tube, lezyne sv10, two CO2 carts, lezyne trigger drive head, park patch kit, sram powerlink, tire boot and tire lever. and that's without using the external multitool pouch. people who say it's not big enough are either carrying too much with them or not packing it well!

if you're going to carry a seat bag, i highly recommend this one. you could do much worse.


4 5

pretty impressed with this bag overall. i can fit two road tubes, two 16g co2 carts, lezyne trigger drive head, park patch kit, sram powerlink and a lezyne sv10 multitool. everything fits perfectly; no extra space, no bulging out.

the main reason i like it is because of the look. generally, saddle bags are hideous; this one's not so bad and serves its purpose quite well for the most part. i do however have a couple words of caution:
1 - the only real problem i had was that the corner of the multitool started rubbing a hole in the bag's side. i'm not sure if it's how i had it packed in there or what but i've pared it down to one less tube and a shop rag instead (really a nicety during roadside repairs) with the multitool packed differently. we'll see how that goes...
2 - if you have a decent setback on your saddle, your thighs may rub against this. totally depends on bike fit/saddle/rider. happens on one bike of mine, but not the other; same saddle design, slightly different setback.
3 - pack it with the tubes towards the leather strip or "top" of the bag, then put everything else underneath. this will cushion it so you don't have metal co2 carts or multitools banging against your seatpost clamp every time you go over a bump (very annoying)

also the photo that realcyclist currently has up is of the arundel uno, not the dual.