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XT shifters are all I've felt were necessary on any of my rides. These are no different. That being said, these dont come with a replacement cover when you remove the hokey gear display/indicator. I think that's lame. The previous shifters would provide the replacement cover on the underside of the gear display when you unscrewed it. Not only did it look much better, it saved about 20 grams too.

Now it seems Shimano wants you to buy the chunky looking replacement cover, instead of just sending it with the shifters. PITA really. Specially after dropping about $1600 and waiting a week, and then having to order this stupid part too. So far haven't even found any...


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The idea is sound. The execution is pathetic. If your curious about what you would look like if you possessed a vagina, go ahead and get yourself a pair of these shorts. The pad makes you look like you have lips down there. It's unbelievable that they passed this in the design stage, but then again, they have also come up with or atleast given the green light to their shamelessly stupid ad campaign with the "illegally" performing clothing.

If the pad situation is not dissappointing enough, or if you could get past that disturbing looking detail, the straps/uppers are pitiful as well. Instead of extending the thermal material up higher, it ends right above your pubic area. (wouldn't it make sense to extend the thermal material up over your belly a bit?) What takes over from there is a material that I would liken to cheap prostitute stockings. Really sheer, and not good feeling to the skin. Scratchy. The straps are of this material and they bunch up ridiculously over your shoulders. Believe me, you are not going to forget they are there. Why they used this material on these bibs uppers is beyond me.

I've never put on a pair of bibs that disgusted me so much. Worst yet. Very disappointed.