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I've been a loyal Cycleops Power Meter customer for years. I bought this new Joule computer because I thought it would provide the same type of data fields and functionality that the former Joule 2.0 did - not the case. This thing is vastly inferior to just about any power meter head unit I've ever used. The configuration capabilities are very limited. The display is insanely confusing with data elements that are all different sizes and fonts making it very hard to read and understand. I returned this item and bought the Joule GPS which is similar to the Joule 2.0...although it's a pretty expensive upgrade. I'd recommend the Joule GPS or Garmin 500.


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During five years of training for Ironman triathlon races I've used dozens of gels, sports drinks and other fueling products. EFS Liquid Shot is probably the best I've have ever used. It's technically NOT a gel. The consistency is thinner which helps it be consumed and absorbed faster. The Vanilla taste is great and it's packed with tons of calories and electrolytes to help you keep moving. I use EFS Liquid Shot during all of my long training sessions as well as during 70.3 and Ironman triathlon races. It's easy to carry, the flask is efficient and quick to open and it tastes better than any liquid fuel on the market.