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I bought this for my Santa Cruz Blur mountain bike to replace the heavy stock WTB rocket V. The WTB has a lot more padding so I wasn't expecting anything soft and comfy. After a few rides, I have to say that the Cutter saddle is MUCH better than the WTB. I don't get any of the sore spots that I used to get. Reaffirms that shape is more important than the amount of cushion. The only issue I have is that the saddle is "stickier" than the WTB. My shorts seem to drag more on the seat causing some friction on my tender areas. FYI, I don't use chamois or liners. Just my shorts and my unmetionables.


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I purchased this for 60% off when I needed a whip. The fact that it comes with a pinned cassette tool too makes it that much better. The cassette tool is almost as much from Park. The tools are nothing fancy. But they do the job perfectly. This is a chain whip, for a bike cassette, not a ratchet for a jet engine. It's all it needs to be and then some.