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The Sugoi is by far the best set of bibs I have ever worn, sorry Castelli, Giordana, Verge and LG. The fabric is very nice in hot weather, the pad is great and they will stand up to thousands and thousands of miles. Each of mine have got 10,000 plus on them. The two pair that I have are getting tired, and I have lost about 25 pounds since I bought them so they are on the loose to baggy side. They are XXL, so I decided to drop down a size to XL. I ordered a pair of RS bibs in XL and a pair of MidZero Bib tights in the same size. I cant even get the RS Bibs on. Fortunately, the tights that came are XXL and they are a snug fit. So the bib shorts are going back for an exchange.

The only thing I have noticed is that the RS bibs are now made in Morocco, presumably by a subcontractor. My previous bibs were made in Vancouver, BC, Canada, which is Sugoi's HQ..

Bottom line, beware these shorts run a full small, at least in the larger sizes. My 4-star rating would have been a 5+ had the sizing been right.


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The Rubino Pro Slick is a really nice riding and durable tire. I ride the 25mm tire and would recommend it to anyone for daily use. The ride quality is great and the rolling resistance is no greater than the 23m tire.

BTW, the price is great.


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I've been riding high end bikes for about 40 years. Custom American, English, Italian and French bikes always with Campagnolo equipment. I have never written a review until now. The HED Ardennes wheelset is an absolute winner, from concept to execution. I always ride 25mm tires on daily rides because our local roads are rough, the better ones are chip sealed. I have gotten used to a degree of vibration and harshness and was willing to trade some performance to save by backside and wrists.

The first ride with the Ardennes was an eye opener. The feeling of confidence when cornering and the smoother ride quality were really a great improvement over my prior wheel set, with the same tires. I was riding with a young Cat 1, who I drafted all through the ride, on a familiar route. To my surprise we averaged a full 1mph faster than I have ever done that ride. The next day, on another route, the same improvement in average speed. Yesterday I repeated the first ride, but solo, and recorded the same average speed as when drafting.

My conclusion is that in addition to improving ride quality and cornering performance, the wider rim must reduce rolling resistance and/or aerodynamics. Whatever the engineering cause, the affect is the best riding set of wheels I have ever owned.