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Here's what others have to say...

5 5

These shorts are the absolute bomb. Warmth where you need it, great chamois, fold-over thigh gripper. I've had Capo's prior version, which was awesome, but didn't survive my girlfriend running me off the road.... The only thing I could do without is the "Capo" printed on the side. That is it. Add knee warmers & you have knickers. Add leg warmers and you have bib tights. They also have nice wide shoulder straps. I'm 5'11, 180lbs, normal proportions, and I wear a M.


3 5

I'm afraid these aren't the answer to dry feet I was looking for. I've been riding them for several months and haven't had as much success as other reviewers. Went for a 2 1/2 ride yesterday in light- to medium heavy rain & mid 40's temps here in Seattle.. At the end, my feet were quite wet, which has been the case most of the times I've worn these in the rain. I believe much of this wetness came in through the neoprene at the top of the overshoe.

In addition, I've found that the reinforced hem around the cleat hole on the bottom of the shoe is a little thick. If I don't pay attention, using my Shimano cleats, this hem can get underneath the front of the cleat and make it difficult to clip in.

I concur with the advice to the double-check the sizing. I wear a 43.5 in a Sidi (Genius 6.6), and I purchased a size L. The label inside the overshoe says L - 42-44.


Close to great, but just close
3 5

I like these gloves much more than the Gore Cross gloves - see my review of those - but they still have some issues:
Finger length - same as the Cross, but not as bad. If you put your hands in the hoods, the gloves seem to restrict the extension of the ring finger as you reach for the levers. So, either there should be more room or a deeper cut between the pointer and the thumb, or there should be longer ring and middle fingers.
Bulk - pretty good, but still a bit tricky to reach into your rear pockets while riding. Can't imagine having to try to work a barrel adjuster with the gloves on.
Gauntlet length - would like it to be a little longer. The gauntlet is short enough that it's not clear if it's intended to reach over my jacket/jersey cuff. See the comparison to some old PI Gavias that are just a little bit longer.
Gauntlet closure - the PI Gavia zipper and Gore Cross glove pull string seem to be easier adjustments than the Countdown velcro closure.
As for warmth, not sure why people would expect these to work well below freezing, except that the Gore website says they are good for comfort on "any ride." Then again, the Gore web site says these are mountain-specific/intended gloves and not road gloves. ???
I'm 5' 10" with average to small sized hands and fingers and I needed an XL / EU 9.


Nice kit - don't size up on this one
4 5

This is a nice wind vest, but my guess is that you won't want to size up. I'm 5'10" 180lbs & believe the best size for me in the jerseys is a L, but the L wind vest feels a little gappy and not too race fit.

The side zips are nice and overall construction seems pretty good.


Tight in the pits...
3 5

Quick points on this jersey, which I have in size Large.
Before I say anything... this is an awesome looking jersey. Super slick.
1) The pits are bit tight for me... enough that I'll be returning it. I'm 5'10", 180lbs, and they cut in quite a bit, even in riding position.
2) The sleeves are a bit long, too. Not that big of a deal, but I am a 16" 34 1/2" in a dress shirt and these have a fair amount of excess material at the wrist.
3) It's longer in the front than the short sleeve version, which helps alleviate the exposed belly thing when worn with the mortirolo bib shorts. But, if I raise my arms, I still have exposure.
4) The black/cyan jersey colors don't match the black/cyan mortirolo bib short colors as well as I'd hoped - please see the picture. As noted in the short sleeve review, the jersey is more of a dark eggplant or purplish slate than black.


Great shorts - colors not as described
4 5

These are great bibs. Would have given them 5 stars, but for 2 issues:
1) As a kit, these don't match the jersey very well. The colors aren't really black at all, but more of a gray. The pictures - on this site and mine - make the front and side panels look darker than they are. They're definitely a bit lighter than shown.
2) The front does dip down pretty low. I tried on several jerseys with it & they all were at risk of flashy a little skin if I stood up or took a deep breath.


Funky shirt - good and bad
3 5

This shirt's a little odd. First, it looks awesome. But, the Black / Cyan version isn't black. It's this dark purplish slate. Second, the sleeves are a bit tight through the pits and gap up. It's possibly part of being straight cut (as someone else mentioned) and not diagonal cut. It is also short. I'm 5'10", 180lbs (lean and mean, naturally ; ) ), and of pretty torso:leg ratios, and these comments are for the Large. Through the torso, I probably though I could have used a medium, but the pits would be ridiculously tight. The sleeves aren't such a big deal, but I could see how they would be annoying if my arms were a bit skinnier.
Then, there's the issue of the kit itself. This shirt does not appear to match the bib at all. The colors are completely off. Second, if I take a deep break, there definitely a bit of skin peeking out. Probably not an issue while riding, but I bought this kit to look cool both on and off the bike.


4 5

This jacket is the bomb, in terms of cut and appearance, but it can be tricky to fit properly. I'm 5' 10", 34 length sleeve, 180lbs, 42" chest, and the Large is close to fitting, but no banana. Sleeves & everywhere else are a great length, but it's just a bit too tight through the lats and pits. Newer versions of this jacket might be stretchier, so check those out if you're a little.... less thin?


Tricky fit, sticky liner
3 5

These are solid gloves, with some caveats:
1) As mentioned, the liner tends to pull out when you remove your hand. Even if you're careful, one of the interior fingers can pull into the palm and be hard to get back into place. Kind of embarrassing when you're always the last person back on the bike b/c you're fiddling with your gloves.
2) The gloves do run a bit small, with one important note: these are contoured gloves, so they are cut for a gripping position, like you have when your hands are on the bar. What this means is that if they fit when your hand is in them, they might not fit when you extend your fingers straight, like when you are grabbing a brake lever. Fit testing tip: put one glove on, then (with your other hand) push the glove towards your hand in between your thumb and pointer finger, now, try to extend your fingers like you're shifting. (Kind of like in the picture, where I'm using a hood instead of the finger.) For me, the gloves felt great until I tried to reach out to shift...