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I'm NOT a racer, just a hobby/health rider; not competitive.

I bought a pair of the Zxellium Ultimates a few months back and really like those shoes a lot. Those are all black, causing me to worry about heat in the summer months.

I spotted some of the white/black Pro's on BT for under a bill and figured I get a backup/summer pair of shoes. I can't believe the quality of shoe for the price.

There's only a hand full of differences that I can see between the Pro Road and the Zxellium Ultimates.
1) The Pro's don't have a shoe bag... no big deal.
2) The Pro's have a normal detached tongue (like most tennis shoes), and the Zxellium Ultimate's tongue is only detached on one side; the end result is that Pro is easier to get on and off IMO.
3) The material seems a little harder or more plastic like on the Zxellium.
4) The strap nearest the toe does not have as much adjustability in the Pro model as the Zx Ult.
5) A HUGE weight difference of, get ready: 7-8 grams per shoe with full hardware installed (by my scale).

If someone was deciding between the ZX, ZX Ultimate, or the Pro Road, I would get the Pro Road hands down. That is, unless that someone is a racer and real competitive; I don't know how important the 16 grams would be.


5 5

I'm just getting into winter rides; made possible by the great prices of cc, BT, and I got a pair of these for $65 or so. I wanted to order more, but I didn't have any Capo stuff at the time, so I wasn't sure of the fit. I'm about 5'8" and 150 lbs and the medium fits me perfect; a little better than Castelli mediums (Capo appears to be a tad larger).

Man, I really like these. The padding is very comfortable, and the fuzzy lining is perfect. I do agree with Mark... I wouldn't personally wear these above 50 F as they are quite warm. but I have worn them at 35 F no wind and 42 F with a LOT of wind; and they kept me very comfortable.

After attempting some cold weather rides last year without the right gear, I never would have guessed how nice winter riding could be. It's amazing what a little preparation will do. I pair these with one of the Capo jackets, and no base layers, and I am as snug as a bug (in a rug of course).

I've seen these on BT for mid $80's and held out... stupid. Now they're out of mediums and the price is higher. If I would have known, I would have ordered at least 3-5 sets of these; oh well, lesson learned.


5 5

This winter, I started collecting winter gear... trying to avoid the trainer if possible. After getting tights, jackets, overshoes, etc; I started trying the colder rides. Keep in mind, I live in NW GA, so we don't have frigid temps and blizzards, but it does get quite cold.

With the above mentioned gear, the first thing I noticed was everything seemed warm into the mid 30's, except my head and ears. This made me miserable for about the first 15 minutes of riding. I had eyeballed this skull cap for a while, but I was waiting to get it on sale.

After the wait, and never seeing it on sale; I took advantage of combining it with a smaller order to put me over the free shipping mark.

I must say that this thing appears to be worth every penny. I have ridden in some pretty chilly temps down to about 35 F with this. My head (and my ears) were very comfortable. But, most impressive to me, was my ride yesterday. Not the coldest at 42 F, but 20-25 MPH winds... I wasn't even phased. Comfy head, good ride.


5 5

These are my first shoe covers. I wanted something that was light weight and would absorb moisture and dirt. These are the ticket. At under $30 for a water-proof cover, you can't beat it. The inside is a tad insulated, so I use them for our mild North GA winter. I've worn these down to 35 F with the Zxellium Ultimate shoes and have had no issues. I would guess with some good socks, these would be good to about 30 F or so... perfect for our area. I've worn these with my new shoes and so far my shoes still look brand new. That's definitely an added benefit. I may get a white pair for summer riding.


5 5

My first pair of riding shoes were some cheap Shimano's... fit good and worked, but were one of those super ventilated shoes. They were not ideal for cold riding at all. I figured it was time for an upgrade on shoes and started shopping online.

I had ordered some DMT's prior to these... ones with the ratched/cable system. They were beautiful shoes, but the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever tried (including motocycle racing boots). The fit was terrible for my foot. I began to lose heart and considered going to a LBS. But that meant spending 2-3x the money.

I broke down and ordered (2) pairs of Mavics (something I saw another reviewer do); one of the Zxellium Ultimate in 9 and one of the Zxellium in 9.5. I liked both of the shoes, and I figured I would let fate decide which I kept. It turns out that the Zxellium Ultimate in the 9 was perfect for me. My feet are pretty 'regular', maybe a little on the slim side. For reference, I wear a 9 in Redwing work boots, and a 9.5 in Sketcher shoes. My Shimano road shoes are also a 43, so the 9 sizing seems very true. Keep in mind the velcro portions are also adjustable (the little flap can be moved to 3 different settings, besides the velcro adjustability), so unless your feet are quite wide, these should be fine.

I have worn these shoes on a couple of 25-30 mile rides, and have been nothing but impressed from the beginning. They seem to need very little breaking in for comfort and are noticeably stiffer than my cheaper Shimano shoes. I have ridden in 35 F with very thin shoe covers with no problems at all.

If you are unsure on your sizing, I would recommend ordering a couple of sizes and returning the ones that don't fit... saves a lot of time and frustration.