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Jason S.

Jason S.

Jason S.

Jason S.wrote a review of on May 17, 2013

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This is replacing the venerable Topeak Road Morph G. In the process of getting the backpack off my back, the old Topeak was the last thing... and was just too big to have hanging off the beautiful frame of my bike.
Enter the Lezyne Pressure Drive. Small enough for a pocket or a more discreet frame mount, and lighter. The Pressure Drive pumps pretty easily up to about 80 psi, but my weak arms are tapped out before 100psi... but I've seen others do it, it's just not for me. But it does the job and gets me back on the road, and pretty darn effectively. I will make the sacrifice and take this over the larger Topeak anyday.
In the two times I've used it I've never broken a valve stem or unscrewed a valve core, as others have reported.