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So I went on a 50 mile ride today and put these on at about 36 miles, as the temperature climbed up to 90F and wore them the rest of the way as it got hotter, about 97F.
First off, they're white and extend from my wrist to almost hit my armpit -and I'm a 5'9" guy. They were definitely running up into the short sleeve of my jersey.
As far as the cooling effect, it was a weird, kindof chemical effect. well duh, that's what it says. I wondered if lathering up with Vick's Vapor Rub would have done the same thing, but I'm not going to try that. It was a similar feeling, though, so I'm not sure if they actually cooled my arms or just gave me that perception. The cooling was most noticeable when I first put them on, or when I stood on the downwind bank of the river.
Other effects besides cooling:
Sun protection: undetermined. I had a tan before and after the ride. :/
Looks: Of course you'll get looks. Who wears long sleeves in the summer? and you'll get to brag about the technology.
Visibility: I think these increased my daytime visibility, especially nice for riding in traffic. A blazing white arm is easier for auto drivers to spot when you make signals. Night visibility will improve for the same reason, but they could have done better by providing a reflective band at the wrist or something.

Overall: offered some cooling sensation, didn't make me hotter, increased visibility.


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So you want a pad for your saddle sores that won't run you $50 or more? This one is worth checking out, they work well on a budget.

I just finished a 50 mile pavement ride on my hardtail mb. I had two complaints: 1) the shorts seemed to chafe or cut into my adductor longus - a muscle that runs from the center of your crotch to the inside of your thigh - on the right leg only. I'd never had a pair of shorts do that, this hit after about 25-30 miles in and stayed with me to some degree, but I probably could have made some better adjustments if I'd taken the time in a restroom. So it wasn't that bad. 2) When shifting back on the saddle and sitting on my hip bones instead of the crotch, the padding seemed nonexistent. So if you plan to ride like that, keep searching or grow some callouses.
On the bright side, 1) the leg elastic on these performed well without being annoying. 2) they're not hot (liners should never be) and 3) I could have gone longer with these shorts - my legs muscles were just giving out


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Yeah so the white ones look like stormtrooper pants, but don't let the goofy look fool ya. These are no sci-fi fairy tale, they're designed to save the skin and flesh of mortal crank bender from the faux pas consequence otherwise known as trail rash.

I purchased these to cover my hiney on my commute to work as some leggings that would be year round, breathable, tough, protective, look better than spandex, keep me clean, and stay out of the chain. So far, so good.

Tonight I went for a quick spin in the rain and am happy to say that, although they didn't keep my legs dry (they're not supposed to), they did keep my wallet and cell phone dry (in the generously sized left leg pocket).

They run a bit large, in my opinion.
I am about 167 lb, wear about a 32" pant, and have a 36" belly (relaxed) so I ordered the mediums (32s), thinking they might be a bit small. I'm afraid that if I lose any weight, I'll have to take them up in the waist a bit, as they fit comfortably but not tight. The legs are plenty baggy to allow lots of movement. I think I'd like a small better, and I haven't worn a small in anything since I was like 12.

OK, so I was wanting a pant to use on my ride into work (which includes some road, some trail, and a bit of through-the-park. These are definitely way overkill, they're more suited for DX, razor sharp rocks, thorns, etc. That said, I'm not a weight freak and I don't mind overkill (after all I'm commuting with a mountain bike....) so I'll continue to use these on and off for the purpose I bought them, but I will probably look for something a bit lighter for my primary commuter.

EDIT: June 16 2011
I finally took a spill while riding these. Rounding a corner at (I'm guessing) 15 mph on a blacktop trail, the front brake slipped off the rim into the spoke and I went flying. I hit my knees and palms, skidded a bit and the bike landed on top. OK, not that dramatic but what the hey. The pants held up like I hoped, I can't even tell for sure where they got hit.
Now if they just had a pocket on the right leg too...?