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incaseyouh1422279wrote a review of on November 30, 2009

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I bought these peddles from a local REI store (and paid way more than i would have if I bought them here) That being said. I think they are great. I was just starting to get into cycling. I ride my back for fitness, as well as around town to the bars. I love having both options, and I probably ride around more because of it. Until i have a <15lb road bike and need to save every last gram, I will continue to use these peddles on all my bikes.





incaseyouh1422279wrote a question about on April 17, 2009

I am interested in this tool. I am wondering if one of these allen wrenches is the appropriate size for seat adjustments. I dont have set of wrenches that i can compare with. Do you know if 4/5/6 is commonly used for a seat post size? If it matters the bike is a Bianchi Castro Valley. Thanks.