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4 5

I bought the arm and knee warmers together at the same time. Check my review on the arm warmers for all the superlatives as the knee warmers give the same level of excellent warmth and wind protection.

My only disappointment with the knee warmers is the sizing. I'm a stocky sprinter-type and needed a L/XL to go over my thighs comfortably. My inseam is 31" so these turned out to be the right circumference but the wrong length. They look more like hybrid knee/leg warmers on me. I could pull them up higher but then I get a bit of extra material around the knee.

If you're taller than 5'9" then the L/XL size should suit you perfectly.


5 5

It's hard to say much more than what's already been said by Quintan - I agree! These are super warm. I bought white ones to match my race kit and they look much better than the Champion stuff the team orders. They also have a nice fleece inside that feels much softer than the Champion warmers. The grippers are typical excellence of Capo - just like their shorts with a nice silicone seam all the way around - none of this cheap rubber stuff. And they stay in place all day long.

One other mention is the excellent wind protection. Sometimes arm warmers keep you warm but fail when the headwinds really pick up. These do a great job on both fronts.

Finally, the logo is prevalent but tasteful. I bought the Capo cooling skins and appreciate the smaller logo on these as opposed to the shout-out-load logo on the summer skins.

Overall, I would definitely buy them again!


5 5

I've put 200 miles on these in less than 2 weeks and loved every minute of it. I bought the white ones and they look great...not too revealing either as opposed to cheaper models. Comfort is on par with my Giordana and Capo bibs - unsurpassed! I love the feel of these shorts both in and out and the straps are perfect, not too tight and not too lose. I definitely recommend you size up. I wear a large in my other bibs and ordered XL in these. I'm very pleased! If something changes with the stiching or wear in the near future I'll definitely come back and tell you.