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4 5

I bought this jersey on a bonktown clearance just prior to my first attempt at triathlon. I wore it in a sprint distance and olympic distance. I felt the jersey worked as advertised.

I never noticed the jersey during the swim, but I use a full wet suit. I was able to carry a pill pouch and some gel packets in the two rear pockets during the bike and run. The angled pockets definitely help getting in/out at speed, but it was still some finger gymnastics when I was getting fatigued.

The back panel definitely breathed well and relieved heat well. I was also grateful for the long zipper during the olympic event that was over 90 degrees.

I am 6'1" and 150 lbs. with a long torso to match, and I ordered a size medium. The front came down just below my belly button and just touched the top of my tri-shorts.

My one complaint was that it constantly rode up on me during the run, so I had to keep pulling it down. I have since bought another Voler two-piece kit, and it does the same, so I think I just need to move to a one-piece suit.


4 5

As others have said, this pump is a huge beast. To put things in perspective, I'm a runner who occasionally rides a MTB, and I'm replacing a 12 year old CyclePro pump, so this thing is impressive to me. It feels sturdy from solid base to long, flexible hose, to beefy head. It inflates much quicker then my old pump.

Forewarning to those with children, while the pump may be big and macho, be ready to battle your kids' bike/stroller/trailer/wagon wheels (or even that old wheel barrow) in order to fit the head onto the valve. I thought the old pump was a challenge, but it was a Tim the Toolman comedy sketch watching me try to get the head on my son's wheel! That's the reason I gave this four stars, rather then five.