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I ride a lot, sometimes over 300 miles in a single week. These shoes have been really comfortable (my feet are a bit narrow, as are the shoes). The fit is perfect. The problem is the heel. After about 3 months with the shoes, I shaved the heel off when I missed clipping into the pedal. I took them back and Giro sent me new ones! Awesome! I then shaved the heel off again. The shoe design problem (versus my clipping in problem that happens on really long rides) is the abrupt rise of the heel pad on the sole. If you catch it just right, the heel pads shave off and are not replaceable. You need new shoes. Giro truly was awesome to replace them the first time around, and may even again.. but I am opting to try a different shoe with a more gradual heel pad rise (and some shoes have replaceable heel pads, which is even better).


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The pack is still awesome. I often am out riding 4-5 hours or more and the number one thing I like about this pack is that I forget it is there (except for the mouth tube). Plus, the two pockets offer a fair amount of room for keys, a couple protein bars, wallet up top and the bottom is available for shedding smaller items like knee warmers/skull cap (both fit together) or shoe covers. The bottom can also fit a base layer.

I also have a water bottle attached to my frame that I use for an electrolyte mix. Could use the pack for that too but prefer water. Its been through rain, mud, it's easy to clean, reasonably easy to fill on the road. I have not felt a need for anything larger (a question when I bought it, and I'm glad I chose this one).

Highly recommended.