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These socks are pretty straightforward. They are particularly thin, but they don't really bunch. The size L was also a bit large for my 10.5 size foot, but that did not matter much. They lose a star because they're not really "no-show." I suppose that when compared to crew socks or mid-calfs, then sure, these are short, but there was still a good inch or two sticking out of the top of my shoe. In that, they were actually longer than the socks I normally use to ride.


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These shorts were enough to make Descente my new go-to brand for clothing. I like them so much that not only did I buy a second pair, but I don't want to wear any of my other shorts. If someone gave me a big bundle of money to buy bike stuff, the first thing I would get would be several more pairs of these shorts.


My hands (and feet) get really cold when cycling, but I worry about not being able to control my bike (particularly on descents) if I'm wearing really thick gloves and can't feel the brakes or shifters. I presume that these gloves will keep my hands warm, but are they so thick that I won't be able to feel my hands on the bars, brakes, and shifters?

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