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3 5

It smells good. I usually eat too fast and don't drink enough water. That is not going to be the case eating these. I got the Turkey and it is really hard to get down. The bitterness is weird and overwhelming. While you are chewing it you can tell there are nuts in it. The chewing just goes on and on while trying finish the bite you just took. It is hard to eat one. I need liquids to help wash it down. The lingering smokey flavor isn't that bad and it almost entices you to take another bite, where if you do you get to relive the first bad experience.

I would definitely tell someone to buy a single bar and try the different ones before committing to a whole box.

Are they gross? They sure as hell aren't delicious. They do have a Jerky flavor quality and a overpowering weird bitterness/tartness. I think they still have some serious tweeking to do with their recipes.

I gave one to my Indian neighbor ( Not a Casino Indian. An India Indian.) He gave me a look and his head shot back.. "What the hell is this? That is weird and gross.." I think they have sort of a curry flavor to them. Needless to say.. He didn't like them.


5 5

I have the packets and I also buy these larger containers. I use them for my early morning workout water. I squeeze a few shots into my water bottle and I am good to go during my workouts until I get home to get some real food in me.
I am not a fan of taking the shots straight into my mouth. I feel for all you ladies. I mix the stuff in water bottles and drink some sweet water. Hydration and energy all at once.


5 5

This Hammer Gel has saved my ass so many times on road rides where all the roadies decide to climb hills for fun. Funny how so many can't descend down a hill for shit. It has also been my go to fuel when wanting to ride all day at Whistler and you start to feel the Bonk at the end of the day. Nothing is more fun than doing lap after lap on wide open trails right before the park closes.

I also use it when hiking. I don't like taking the shot straight either. I haven't found a gel yet that makes me want to stick that crap in my mouth. I add it to a water bottle or sometimes I add it to my hydration bladder.

I think the Hammer Gels are the best ones to get to stop the Bonk and get the quick absorption you want when you are on the verge of the dreaded Bonk.


5 5

That doesn't really sound right. The hot spicy burrito I had a few nights ago certainly kicked my ass the next day.

So, Stinger products are really really good. I will go so far as to say they are "Yummy in your tummy" and they are gentle on the way out.

I have eaten enough and have enough Clif bar products stashed in the garage to last me through the next ice age. I kinda get sick of them after awhile and they kinda just sit there. The 'Guy' I help with DH races and riding camps and clinics is sponsored by them. The people who are riding love the fact they get free goodies at lunch and during breaks. I just get burnt out on eating them.

These Stinger products I feel are much better and way tastier. I am always really leery trying new energy or recovery products. It usually is just another form of Hell trying to chew them up and swallow them down with copious amounts of water. I dont find that the case with Stinger products and especially these energy chews. Way better than Clif blocks and anything is better than trying to swallow down a shot of energy gel. Unless you are Rod Stewart. I don't see how anyone can enjoy that.

These energy chews are fantastic.