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You have to start loading the week before. This isn't a take it right before your adventure or event.
Did they work? I don't know. I got them on Thursday and didn't read the instructions until I reached Ashford base camp. I started loading on Sunday and quit loading after our Wednesday morning summit climb.
I am guessing the load is crucial so I assume I didn't get the real affects of the capsules.
So this is more of an FYI than anything.


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I have a tendency to over pack. I also have a tendency of blowing up when climbing up hills. Not a good combination. Like Steve Martin in the Jerk, as he grabbed the chair and any number of other useless things and kept saying " And that is all I need.." Then I grab something else and repeat.

I knew I needed some help getting my ass and my overly burdened pack up to Muir and also getting to the top of Rainier. Maybe it is all mental and this was just my placebo? Or maybe these things really do the job? Either way they seemed to work for me.

I took 4 in the morning and then took 2 each break and 4 afterwards. My legs seemed to be doing great. The second break heading up the Muir snowfield my calves cramped... Wait, that is an understatement, they seized up and turned into two rock hard hams on the back of my legs as I was rolling around on the snow cussing and begging them to release. They finally did after everyone in the group got a chance to hear all my lovely phrases and choicest of words. Then after what seemed like an eternity I was able to get my ass back up and we continued on our way.

You didn't think it was going to be that easy did you?

Yes, the bottle of Siracha cock sauce and jar of peanut butter along with 3lbs of gummy bears and all the other number of uneaten things I hauled up there was well worth the extra weight. I did share my full roll of Charmin extra soft with others as well. That stuff is awesome.