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5 5

Yeah, yeah... Everybody came.

These are really good. I was surprised that they are so much like a delicate little waffle cookie with just a bit of a gooey layer in between. It is a bit of a surprise when out on a trail and needing to add a bit of fuel to the tank and getting to eat something so good. I had some little kid being drug up the trail by his parents eyeballing my waffle when we took a little break. "Don't be eyeballing my waffle boy" is what I was thinking but was nice enough to hand one off to him before we kept going.

These waffles are legit. I was going to order the vanilla ones and was steered towards the honey flavor. Good call even though I am usually not the biggest fan of honey flavor.


4 5

I have worn them around and thought I had broken them in enough to take out on a long hike.

I love the shoes don't get me wrong. They grip like mad on rocks and steep slopes even with debris under foot. I was worried my wife was going to slip and land on her ass coming down some of the really steep sections on the trail but these things grip like crazy. Other people on the trail mentioned how comfortable they looked as we passed. Not really the case for me. I have a square foot in the toe area and had a chance to try on different sizes in the speedcross 3 at REI before purchasing these goretex versions from Backcountry for both my wife and I. The 10 fit snug and didn't cause any noticeable pain in my feet at the time. 10.5's were just too sloppy all around and my foot was slipping all over the place.

Going up was a bit painful in the left foot and no real issues with the right at all. Coming down was a different story completely. Holy shite balls Batman. My middle toes on both feet were screaming for mercy. After a mile plus I was quivering from the pain and tried to tuff it out for as long as I could. I finally tore my shoes and socks off and started walking down the trail barefoot... Yeah, that got some great looks. With a ways still to go I tore the green superfeet out and put my socks and shoes back on. Oh baby, that was the ticket. I took the superfeet to work and belt sanded the grey forefoot padding down about as much as I could to thin out the volume and I am wearing them now while I type this. Better, but not that great through the rest of the foot. The green superfeet are too high volume for these shoes and my feet. I think I will be going for the superfeet carbon low volume insole for these shoes.
The supplied insoles that come with the shoes have zero arch support and they are made to fit this type of low volume shoe.

I think they are a great shoe for being out on the trail. They grip like crazy.