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I typically don't wear shorts unless at the gym or doing something outdoors, but bicycle commuting to work in Atlanta summers has forced my hand. I looked all over for some slim-fitting shorts, and finally decided to give these a go. I bought a pair in each color.

First, as others have stated, they do fit skinny, both in the waist and leg. I have chicken legs and typically wear 510's, and these fit about like those, but they stretch A LOT. They're kind of a thinner cotton chino material with a lot of stretch, not really denim at all. I like them, and the light weight is nice for the heat.

Sizing...As others have stated, I would size up an inch. I wear a 32 in Levi's usually, sometimes a 33 (which gives me a lot of room), and a 33 in these fits me like a 32 in regular jeans. I've worn 511 shorts before, and these are consistent with 511 shorts--skinny and a little smaller at the waist.

I've never really been super interested in the commuter series, even though I do commute, until recently I got tired of the crotch of all my pants getting shredded. There is a definite difference in quality between normal Levi's and the commuter series. There are more details, better durability, and the fit is better (higher waist in the back is nice not only for commuting, just for covering your crack).

Overall, really nice shorts, and the fit on my skinny legs isn't too tight, but slim enough. I didn't like the look of the reflective tape on the sides, so I just took an Xacto knife and removed the stitching and took it out. It took about 10 mins. The green shorts look almost the exact same color as the picture. Maybe a touch lighter, but really close. I was hoping they'd be a bit lighter, but I guess they'll fade with time.


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These little lights are pricey, but worth it in my opinion, especially on sale (they are currently).

At first, I was taken by the fact that these are small and aluminum. Lots of other lights are huge, plastic, and ugly. I commute on a single speed, and I don't need a huge light with 500 lumens, and I need the lights to be small so I can remove them quickly when I lock my bike and put them in a backpack pocket easily. These did the trick.

They're nice looking, small, and feel really high quality. Operation is a bit tricky, don't throw out the instruction manual, but once you get it, it's easy enough. 6 settings (constant and strobe at 3 different brightness levels), but the middle and low settings are enough for me. The bright one is ridiculous, I can see the reflective layer on street signs a quarter mile down the road when it's on bright.

They're waterproof and shockproof, I've dropped them a few times and they still work. They charge with included USB cables (2) and have mounts for front handlebar and rear seatpost. I purchased the under-the-saddle mount from a seller on ebay as I couldn't find it anywhere in the US, and that's also a nice product (if you care about a lot of things hanging off your bike and cluttering it, like I do).

I would equate these to the iPhone of simple bike lights. They don't offer any incredible functionality over cheaper lights, but they do what they do reliably and in a sexy package made of top-of-the-line materials.


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I've been wearing 510's the last few years, they just fit me better than anything else out there, and they are relatively cheap, especially on sale. However, there are a few problems with regular 510's. The main problem is that the crotch wears out SO fast, especially if you bike commute, which I do, about 4 miles/day. After 5 or 6 months, you get a hole there, and it's ugly, and ruins an otherwise good pair of jeans. These have the crotch gusset, so they should last twice as long, and they feel pretty burly near the balls, I'm impressed.

On top of that, they are "waterproof." I wore them today in a light drizzle, and water beaded right up and rolled off. Nice feature. I'm sure it won't last long, but it's still pretty cool.

I don't care about the lock holder on the waist, or the reflective accents when you roll the cuffs, those are things that you don't see if you wear jeans without rolling and a belt. So it's cool.

They run true to size for 510's. I normally wear a 33x30, which they don't stock here, but the 32x30 is fine, a little snug, but still comfortable.

Overall, better than regular 510's, at not too much extra cost on sale. Will be purchasing more.


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These are basically like "healthy" candy, made from honey rather than processed sugar. They're really good, and, surprisingly, take the edge off hunger really well. I use them as a mid-morning snack at work, or on the trail when I start to feel tired. They really do work. The fruit smoothie ones taste like those vitamin gummies, which are delicious.

The best part about these? They aren't dry, so you don't have to guzzle half your water just to get them down when you're hiking or working out and already thirsty.

Cons: a bit expensive and there aren't a whole lot in each package.


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I expected basically higher quality gatorade mix from these, but it's quite a bit different. First of all, when mixing the packet with the recommended dose of water, the orange flavor tastes about like water with a little bit of skim milk and orange flavoring. But VERY slight, almost unnoticeable flavor. It's pretty good. Sometime gatorade or other mixes can be overwhelming, this definitely isn't, it goes down easy and tastes just enough to be more appetizing than water and avoid those stomach aches that come when pounding plain water.

It's hard to say how it works, it's basically just water with some electrolytes, but it left me satisfied and hydrated. Good product.