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Arundel's Dual seat bag is okay in my book. I opted for all black.

I picked this bag for it's simplicity and understated looks. I like that it uses no special attachment devices to get it on the bike... just a single velcro strap. The leather patch placement makes sense, too. Only time will tell how long this bag will last... but, I'm confident it will serve me for many years to come.

I stuffed the Dual with a spare tube, a Lezyne lever kit (includes 2 levers and patches), and a Crank Brothers Multi 17 tool. It fit's all of this with a little bit of room left. More room can probably be had if I packed a smaller multi tool, loose tire levers and loose patches.

The claim is that The Dual can fit two spare tubes... and this may be true if they are sized for a road bike. I found that it will only fit one cyclocross sized tube. This works for me as I don't feel that I need to carry more than one spare.

If you're looking for a decent seat bag... look no further.


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I bought these on a whim, while they were on sale. One of the things I really like is how the cleaning wipes are packaged, convenient and packable.They do make cleaning the bike easier. No need to reach for separate spray cleaner and rags, or a hose. Yes, these can seem expensive by comparison, but you are paying for the convenience. The cleaner that the wipes are soaked in seems to do the job well and doesn't look to harm the paint. Since it's so convenient, the chances are better that I will wipe my bike down following a ride.


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I bought a set of these in small size to replace the OEM set that was on my wife's bike. The OEM set was similarly shaped BUT they kept spinning on the bars. The aluminum clamp of the GP1's solves this issue easily. These grips don't feel rubbery and she can ride without gloves on smooth paved paths. They were fairly easy to install... it took more work to pull off the OEM ones. I've also read around the web that some have stripped the clamp with the screw during their install... I can see this easily happening. Heeding this warning, I just tightened the clamp to the point where my wife could not physically twist the grips... it was less tightening than I thought it would be. All I can say is, apply what you feel is tight... too much more and you will probably risk stripping the clamp. The new end caps were a bit of a chore to get installed properly, but once there, they also look good. I feel that the cork color of the grips will match nicely with most any bike.