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5 5

Gone through at least a dozen elbow pads. Some slide down your arm when riding. Others slide down when falling. Both are suboptimal. These pads are great, never slide, fallen countless times and provide a ton of protection. Only downside is look like a storm trooper.


2 5

They are super comfy, no rub. The build quality is suspect, they stretch out quick and the material rips pretty easily. They stay in place OK when riding but slip off the elbow if you fall.

Probably adequate for an XC'er who wants something..for DH seek something better.


3 5

Soo at first I was pretty pumped on this product and POC in general. It is super comfy, seemed like it protected well, no strap rub...sweet. Then I actually took a fall with them on and they slid off just as easily as they went on. My knee got cut up pretty nicely. The calf strap (that thing keeps them from sliding down in a fall) is wimpy and super stretchy.

I still wear them, but I have a lurking fear they won't be there when I need them. Oh and if you do have a problem with them good luck getting help from POC customer service, they aren't really into their customers or servicing them.