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g.a4643212wrote a review of on January 10, 2012

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These bib knickers are unlined, unfleeced, and simply longer version of your summer bibs. The chamois is relatively marginal. The fit is good. (I'm 5' 8-1/2" tall and 185-190 in winter and the XL fits me great.)

I bought them to train for cyclocross, and possibly race in them. For that, they're perfect. The fit is tight enough that I can dismount/remount the bike with no problems, and the races are short enough that I don't need a more substantial long-ride chamois. The length is perfect for me--enough to cover my knees to keep the wind and water off. I don't need embro if I wear taller socks.

I did, however, use them last week for a 3:45 hour training road ride, and got some chaffing that wouldn't have happened on my 'long ride' bibs. My own fault.

As someone else noted, the decal/sticker/whatever on the knee is starting to peel off, but the one on the back is fine. I'll probably buy another pair at the current price, and use them for what I initially bought them for: short rides in weather that's not too chilly.