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I ordered these the week they came out through the Vans website, I was so psyched... I have had lot of all mountain shoes over the years. My favorites were the Oakleys from 6-7 years ago. It's a bummer they stopped making these SPD shoes. Vans always makes good shoes and these are quite well made. However, should you use these for anything other than going downhill, you will feel how bad they are... First off, in all the shoes I own, these have the most off-center cleat position. The cleat is literally under your big toe and most of the shoe fall outward off the pedal. So any power transfer going uphill feels awful and power gets wasted. The other thing is this shoe is like a skate shoe on steroids. It's stiff (which is good) but it's so bulky and so darn heavy, even my FiveTen Minnaar feel lighter!! And that's saying something because those are freaking heavy too. So I know some riders like these, but for foot position and weight penalty, I cannot recommend them. And oh yeah, Oakley please, bring back some biking shoes...!! Yours were the best. I can't stand to ride Shimanos anymore... ; (


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They fit right, look good, are well made, have nice adjustable velcro straps so you don't end up looking like an idiotic rapper with his shorts across his butt cheeks. Double snaps keep things secure.
Great pockets that zip closed. Important if you carry an iPod. The pocket liners are even reinforced so you don't lose your car keys like my friend did on the trail with his old shorts.
Crashed and slid on my side on rocks and cut a little hole in the fabric but overall a great choice.