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wow, JUST got back from a ride outside, its currently 49 degrees, this mask didnt do JACK NOTHING! it felt like it may of even made my face colder! i was expecting something more, and dang was i wrong. not only did it not do well against wind and cold, if you have glasses, they fog up because the hood directs your hot breath directly to your eyes. overall, im returning it. be fore warned.. if you dont need wind/cold resistance and you just want a ninja hood, buy it, other than that... i dunno.


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so these gloves are almost exactly what you see, they fit good, remember to order a size up tho. they're not very thick, being liners, i got these with my sixsixone Raji's to make summer gloves, California winter gloves. lemme tell you, thanks to the gear expert Scott A, its a winning combo. while not fully wind protective, or fully cold fighting, they'll do the job till the mid morning sun has heated up enough you wont even need the liner. the only negative i have thus far about these gloves, is the seams rest right under your fingernails. somewhat anoyying, but does nothing to effect performance of the gloves themselves. overall i would buy these again.


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got these today and went shredding out on my bike, heres the report. first of all, order a size up, its a must or your gloves are gonna be too tight. lemme get on to the gloves themselves, they're great, fit great, look great, everything you're gonna need out of a summer glove. heres why you want them tho, putting on these gloves and gripping your bike makes you feel like you are Truely in control of your bike. i didnt realize it before, but bare gripping it is like not even holding the bars when you're wearing these gloves. buy em, buy em now!