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Bought this helmet a couple of months ago when it was down to 130 bucks and for that price it was a good deal. I am a big fan of LG products, I think the quality is great and the helmet with carbon is no different. I bought the Black/white which seemed like a good idea at the time until I saw how badly discolored the white strap gets. I am sure you could scrub away and the strap would be white again, but I won't buy this color strap again(just gets too dirty looking).

I did take this back and went with the Giro Aeon, which is a heck of a lot lighter, could tell that right off the bat. Plus the price was just about the same, on sale of course. I think the strap feel is nicer on the Diamonback than on the Aeon but I like the clicking on the Giro Aeon slightly better. The spider lock is a very smooth system by LG so kudos to them, just would rather hear a secure click. Didn't have any problems with the spider lock system coming loose on a ride, so again I think it is well done by LG.


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I love L Garneau products and these are no different. I wear size XL, 6'0. Tall, 220 lbs, hope to be 205 someday sooner than later:)

The padding is great and the layer of insulation will be nice in the fall and spring. I snagged these for 59 bucks 2. Weeks ago, black and white style. It was a steal