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I bought two of these (built up with SRAM Force) - one for me and one for my wife - about 3 years ago from CC. These bikes were a wonderful value - coming in around $2400. Prior to this, I rode a steel Torelli with Campy Daytona components. A wonderful bike, but at 20 pounds just too heavy to keep up with the faster weekend club riders. This bike is perfect for someone who wants to do those group rides but isn't ready to make the investment on a $5000 (or more) dream bike. It's fast, it's responsive, climbing was a dream after the older steel bike, and it's a respectable bike in the bunch.

My wife is still riding hers, and it's everything she's looking for in a bike. I've admittedly traded up (see my "Ride Like Jens" review); but unless you're ready for a TdF bike you'll have no regrets with this bike.


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So I'm into my second cold weather season with these tights, and they are the foundation for my cold weather riding. First of all a comment on the size, I'm 5'9", 145 - 150 pounds, and 32.5 inches in the waist. In general, I wear size L Castelli's, but in this case the mediums are a perfect fit. As JDHP437112 said, these are like a skin suit so don't get them if you don't want that effect and feel. I've worn them down to 28 degrees, at which point I felt the cold but was not affected by it, through the 30's where they excel, and into the mid-40's where I still don't feel overheated by them. I love the straps - the smooth lycra is comfortable, and has plenty of flex to move when I do. It can feel a little tight when I first put them on, but once I get into riding position I don't notice them at all.

So far these have been very durable. All my bike clothing goes through a delicate cycle with a little detergent, then hangs to dry, and these still look new as they move into season 2.

And best of all, my wife likes how I look in them, although maybe that's not the bibs.... :-)


Hopefully better than the prior version
1 5

This is a review for the 2013 version of the SRAM Force derailleur. So, you're asking yourself what happens when the chain jumps off the large chainring into the wheel. Well, look at the photo. "Where's that other sprocket of the derailleur?" you ask yourself. It's not in the photo, it's lying on the floor next to the bike. "How did this happen?" Well, I'm riding into the neighborhood after a nice long ride, and downshift and BAM!, the rear wheel stops moving, and I'm grateful that I was on cool down pace so I didn't hit the pavement. I figured that it was one of those "just a bit out of adjustment" things, but after getting another professional adjustment, it happened again. I still don't know what's led to this, but I'm really careful with that largest chainring. Oh, and then I traded up - you can read my review of the Wilier Cento Uno frame which I built up with Campy Chorus


Ride like Jens
5 5

Yes, that Jens! This review is for a Cento 1 SL (not the SR), but the differences will be minimal. Shortly after I had CC build up my C1SL with Campy Chorus/Shamal wheels, I did get to ride with Jens (along with my son who is in the picture), and it was no trouble riding at his pace. OK, so it wasn't a race, just a Gran Fondo in TN; but this bike (I was upgrading from a Wilier Izoard w/Force) was an easy pedal for a metric century on the hills of southern TN with this 50 year old body. The major difference I've noticed is the stiffness of the BB, so much more of the power is transmitted with this bike than any other bike I've owned or ridden; especially when riding up the hills in TN or on the Hilly Hundred. But don't worry about the ride being harsh - it's a very comfortable ride for long distances. I've now ridden this bike over two thousand miles, and still haven't found anything I'd change. Can't recommend it enough. My only recommendation is to get a professional fit before cutting the integrated seat mast - I did the full Specialized Body Geometry fit and the results have been spectacular.


5 5

One thing I've learned with Castelli from CC is to order the size you think, plus 1 size up. Yes, I spend a little on returns; but I get to make sure the fit is just right. I seem to be 50:50 with Castelli; I usually wear a medium, but for these I found a large was the perfect fit. They are my main summer bibs - comfortable over all of the longest rides. I can't speak to the aerodynamic benefits of these shorts, I still haven't added a wind tunnel to the bike gear in the garage, but I will say that the bib straps are a big reason that these bibs are so comfortable (my winter bibs have the same straps). These straps have just the right balance of tension and stretch. As an aside, my wife also loves her woman's version of these bibs. So far, they've also been very durable - I can't see any wear after 1.5 seasons of use.