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You could actually just use a regular plastic syringe with a small enough plastic nozzle. The device does not screw onto my Mavic UST rim valve stems unfortunately, so check your valve stems to make sure A) They are threaded (mine are not), and B) That the valve core is removable (one of mine isn't).

If you have the right valve stems, this device will work like others have mentioned, but the small Stan's top-up bottles with the small nozzle will do just as well. I had to use some duct tape to temporarily seal the device to my valve stem, and with the other, had to actually un-bead the tire and pour a cup of Stan's liquid in. Not the best device for me, but will work great with Stan's and other valve designs.


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I ordered a large, and it's big & baggy on me. I wear L in Giordana, and L or XL in Castelli, so figured L would be good with Capo, too. Not so, as it's way too big, for a jersy that supposed to fit snug, according to the description. It appears to be well made, with great detail & finish, using excellent fabrics, but I have not used it, & will be returning it. It also seems on the heavy side. I'm 5'9" and 165lbs, with a medium build upper body, and the shoulders on the jersey are particularly loose.


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Based on other reviews, I initially ordered the xl, but it was too big and very long. I went with the L, which fits fine. It seems last year's model was on the short side among the reviews I read, but that doesn't seem to be the case any more. If anything, they are a bit on the long side, but the fit is still fine. I'm 165lbs and 5'9.5".
The tights are very comfortable and fairly warm for temperatures above freezing. Where I live on the NW coast, if it drops below freezing (rare), it usually ices up too much for me to bother riding, so I don't know about sub-freezing suitability of this tight. It's very comfortable on long rides, to the point that you don't notice it. The pad is top-notch, and the garment seems pretty well put together, although not as refined as some other stuff I've seen, like Giordana's. No real concerns, however.
The front of the bib is higher than most bibs, so pee stops are a wee (don't mind the pun) bit more of a challenge than normal, but still possible. I assume this is for warmth. In all, I would get this again, but like anything, wait for a good price. Chainlove had it for $100.


Go for a large, at least. I have a 33-34" waist, and am 5'9.5" and have the large. If anything they might be a tad snug at the waist & shoulders, but have been perfectly comfortable on a couple of mid-length rides.
My only complaint might be that the carbon-backed material wrapping my waist is not quite as stretchy as the rest of the short, and seems to make me need to pee more frequently (5x on a 2hr ride!)

Osprey Raptor
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I bought this to replace a Dakine Nomad, which was stolen. I liked the Nomad, but this pack is far superior, in that it is larger ( has a great bladder, which is super easy to fill), has more useful pockets, but seems to be lighter. You can load it up for a full day ride, or just head out for a couple of hours without the pack seeming floppy.
So far, it's been plenty durable (slightly less than a year's use), and the light construction has not been an issue. The only thing that doesn't really work well, is the magnetic valve holder, which has lost a lot of it's power and falls off after the slightest bump....strangely, it still has plenty of strength to pick up all the iron particles when placed down into dry dirt and sand...kind of cool from a geology perspective!


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This fork is quite light, reasonably stiff, and was a very good price for the category I was looking at. I also considered the Fox 32 Talas, but it was significantly more $$ and doesn't come with a 20mm axle option, which was a big caveat...why Fox doesn't offer a 20mm option for those like me with only 20mm wheels, is beyond me.

The Thor handles well, but the damping leaves a bit to be desired. Unless you dial in a fair bit of rebound damping, there is an annoying clunk when it returns to the top, although this disappears when you set the fork to the lower travel.
The remote travel adjust works (for now), but is rather hoky, as you pretty much have to stop riding to adjust it anyway. You can leave the remote off, if you want, and the fork is just as easy to adjust.
The fork seems reasonably well made, with nice anodized adjuster knobs, etc., but the main seals have been leaking since the 1st ride. I've heard the seals suck from other users, and that you can get them replaced with Fox seals, which are apparently much better. I don't know if this leaking has something to do with Magura's self oiling system or not, but it certainly doesn't inspire confidence. For now, I just wipe them off with a rag when I get home!
This seems to be a 2009 model, and I've heard that the 2010 model and up, have an improved damping system in them.

While the Thor is by no means a perfect fork, it has some definite pluses (stiff, light, 20mm, adjustable travel, although basically 2 settings, and cheaper than the Fox), the 2009 model that I have, and is on sale here, is certainly lacking some refinement. That said, I enjoy the rides I've had with it, don't curse it while out riding, and it has shaved a pound or 2 off my bike, which is certainly a plus.
I switched from an older Pike U-Turn coil, which worked fine, but also developed leaky seals, and was heavy and not as plush.

Eric, Surrey, BC