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Here's what others have to say...

This belt isn't amazing
3 5

I got this for my tri season and I have to say I'm not impressed. Obviously it does it's job by holding your bib# and it's only a belt so whats not to love... It bunched up my bib# and although it's not a huge deal it was annoying to me and for something that is so simple I feel like it should be easy to get it right, like spot on right. Like the other review I would probably be looking in another direction for a race belt next time but mine is for totally different reasons. Hope this helps.


Loving it!
5 5

This thing is awesome and I haven't even used it for trails yet. I have owned the Garmin Edge 510 and the 910xt. I loved the ability to use bluetooth and ANT+ with at the same time with the Edge and although thats my biggest gripe about the Fenix 2 it's nothing to loose sleep over. I have been using this for about a month now and I like it a lot better than the 910xt for a couple of reasons. 1- It does everything the 910xt does and much more, 2- It looks fantastic, 3- It seems to be a little more accurate in the swim (that could also be because I'm swimming a little better), 4- I love the option to upload my sessions straight to my iPhone. I have noticed that my longer activities (like 3 hours plus) it won't upload to my phone, I don't know why but I need to plug it into my computer to upload. This watch is perfect if your doing tri's. It looks like you might have a bit of trouble with the wetsuit but it didn't get hung up at all the few times I have used it in open water and one of those times was a race so I was in a hurry. If you already own the 910xt and your only doing triathlons you don't need to upgrade but if your looking at both and trying to decide what watch to buy for your upcoming tri season I would go with the Fenix 2 hands down especially since they are the same price.


5 5

I recommended these to a friend that was having hip pain when he ran for longer than twenty min. First time in these shoes the pain was gone. He ended up running the longest he had ever run in his life (27 miles). Your calves will kill for a few weeks because the shoes will force you to run on your on the ball of your feet not the heel.