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dhhguo2115473-0wrote a review of on March 14, 2008

3 5

Hit: Solid construction, all steel, nice deep double sided welds, decent paint, clean inner seam. Good axle fit and proper hieght from skewer....even fits my Fox 40 with low hanging Hopoe Mono 6 brake caliper. Miss: design flaw in that the mount point for the Adapter imitates a quick release style fork that is pinched in place by the skewer....this means the bike could pop loose off-roading or be jarred/hammered loose by a thief....if they had (instead) been through holes, it would have only taken an extra 20-40 seconds to mount the adapter by unscrewing the skewer and feeding it through, yet it would have been impossible for the adapter to come loose. Overall, does the job well enough.....and since it's mild steel, it was easy to weld to/modify. Should cost no more than $12-$15 though...and isn't even made by Yakima....made by Fork Up...check out their site and buy direct.