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dgip471060wrote a review of on May 9, 2013

4 5

Took the plunge and bought the white Corsa shorts to go with the white Corsa jersey I had already purchased the year before and absolutely loved. A detailed review of the shorts on a cycling blog had suggested that athletic women would be happier with the medium. I ignored the advice, to my peril! The small (that I normally buy, and which is VERY consistent in Garneau wear) was extremely small, with the white showing EVERYTHING. It would have been literally obscene to wear them out the door, so I exchanged for a medium, which fit just fine, still had some compression, and the chamois doesn't move around. I have other Garneau race-fit shorts in small that do not fit this small, so the reviewers on the blog were exactly right. Order up a size, especially if you're buying the white ones! These shorts are excellent for keeping cool and comfortable. I've done a fast 24 miles in them, and also a more paced 50 miles so far, and they have served well. The 4 motion chamois is very reliable, and I don't anticipate anything less than fabulous on a longer ride. They have already gotten a couple of small stains, which didn't wash out that well. The jersey, on the other hand, washes very well. The fabrics in the shorts and the jersey are a bit different, which makes for a slightly inconsistent kit when you put them together. I will give these 4 stars, because I feel Garneau generally puts a lot more thought into their products, especially the high-end items. The Corsa line appears to have weird problems that could have been avoided. I noticed also that the line (at least for women) has been discontinued for 2013.