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4 5

i ran on the road with these, and i did an uphill hike in them. they were a tiny bit stiff for road running (not their intended use) but were great for hiking. very lightweight, stiff enough sole to not get poked by rocks, and ample traction make this a good all-around trail shoe, imo. plus it's eco-friendly, which always feels good.
i wear a size 5 shoe but typically go with a 5.5 for added toe room on trails, but i should've stuck with a 5 in the scarpa.


3 5

these shoes are superlight and comfy when you put them on, but i'm not sure how i feel about them trail running yet. i took them on a trail run and was not used to the minimalist feel and thin, flexible sole. i could feel the rocks and roots underneath, and my feet were definitely working in a different way, as people say they do in these low-profile shoes. when i took them on a hike with lots of hills, they were uncomfortable.
but since they're new and a new style, i've decided to give myself time to break them in running, though i think they're not suitable for hiking.
if nothing else they're comfy for kicking around.


5 5

i'm new to road biking and experimented with gatorade, gu energy drink, and nuun. i thought they were all either too sweet, fizzy, or fake tasting. skratch labs is my favorite by a long shot. it's a mild taste, not too sweet, and never irritates my stomach. it's perfect and way better than water.