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I have one of these bottles. It is a good concept, and does clean up well. However, it did just not stand up to actual repeated use. The bottle eventually cracked laterally and is no longer useable.

This bottle was used for approximately ten months. OK durability I suppose, but my Insulated Polar Bottles have lasted for years......I actually tend to misplace them long before they wear out.

In my opinion this is not a buy worth making for the long haul!

Not a buy for the long haul :(


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Very well made shoe. Warm to the 30's with thin Defeet Woolies. However, I did find myself reaching for my normal shoes with booties this winter.

I do though, think that these shoes will be kept in my arsenal for years and will get used during that time. Perhaps, I've just gotten so used to my normal riding shoes, that I'm loathe to switch. I also found that getting used to these winter shoes takes a bit longer than summer ones. Just sayin'

I bought these shoes on sale in September and would make the same purchase again.


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North Wave is definitely my current brand. I was pleased with the Vertigo Pros purchased last fall, but have pressed them into service with Look cleats for the gyms' spin classes. Now, I have a pair of these Aerlites with Speedplays attached for the road.

What I thought good about the Veritigos is even better in these. First very stiff soles, with good power transfer. Plus, I'm still fan of the three velcro straps.

I was hesitant about the shoes ability to breathe through that wooden sole during the summer, but have been pleased with then so far this spring. This shoe literally does have a wooden sole above the carbon. Anyway, there does appear to be ample vents coming from the toebox, sides and heel cup. The one thing that I don't absolutely love, is that the toebox vent is partially obscured by the glue used to adhere the screening to the opening. I was worried that this glop would limit airflow, but so far my feet have been fine. Still, I'll find out this more summer about just how cooling these shoes really are. But, so far so good!

Nice shoes;  great value


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OK. The reason I bought this helmet is because Team Europcar literally choose this helmet. I say this must be the case, as this is Garneau's THIRD tier helmet. When does this ever happen? A Tour team using the lower cost lid....I'm thinking it must be by choice. In my opinion, this is the most functional and best looking helmet offered by Garneau in 2011. What's more Europcar is using the helmet again so far in 2012. Nice.

The helmet uncluttered, with clean lines and huge gulpy vents. The cam lock is unique. I have to completely loosen the cam before pulling on the lid, then tighten. However; what is most important, the retention system fits comfortably, doesn't pinch, and I have yet to go numb.

I've worn this helmet all winter with various headbands, balaclavas, and skull caps. With all variations, the strap system makes a new and perfect fit each time.

Previously, my two other favorite lids have been the Lazer Genesis?(2006) and Specialized SWorks(2008). In my opinion, this helmet easily rivals either of those two.

The only down side, is that the chin strap is white, I believe that it'll become stained during the course of the next two years. But, form me, this is the only downside yet encountered.

This is simply just a pretty great lid.

Great lid!


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I'm a very experienced bicyclist. Over the years of racing I found to actually not prefer the ratchet mechanism on many of the current higher-end offerings. I went back to a three-velcro strap system beginning again on my last pair, and loved the ease of use.

Five years later, I chose this North Wave Vertigo as my shoe. This shoe has everything I like; stiff carbon sole, good ventilation, subtle graphics and a light color. The lines of this shoe are remarkably similar to the Time Pedal System Garnae's used by Greg Lemond in the 80's and 90's; I like that fact. The heel arch doesn't seem to sit quite as high as I've usually enjoyed, but so far everything seems fine.

I'm currently riding with Speedplay pedals. I had to use the cleat conversion plates, but for me this is a good thing. My old shoes utilized the conversion plates too; so as both shoes and cleats have similar stack heights, I won't have to adjust my saddle height when using my older shoes on the off rain day.

So far, Great Shoes!