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I don't understand how this cable and lock system is even remotely practical for bikes. From a security standpoint, it is super beefy. No one is getting through either the cable or lock. The cable is 1/2" thick and the lock is super solid. But the dimensions of everything are just too weird for everyday use. The cable length is approx. 5 feet which is just long enough for me to secure my bike (running the cable from front to rear wheel and around a small pole) - but just barely. The description says you can secure three of your friends bikes together - not a chance! Second, the cable and lock are ridiculously heavy. And because of the gauge of the cable, it wont coil up neatly like shown in the picture. I got the impression I could toss this system in my backpack when riding around town - and have a quick way to secure my bike. Forget it. I am not exaggerating when I say that the cable feels like a coiled python that fights against you. Another issue I have is with the lock. It opens and closes beautifully, but the size of the U-lock is really small so the only thing that fits inside of the U is each end of the cable.

The only reason I don't give a lower rating on the Cutter Noose N' Shackle 2.0 is because the lock and cable are really secure. I just don't know what you would use them for.


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I don't know what the rope hammock guy was smoking because these shoes are unbelievably comfortable. I love these things. My feet run a little narrow but I ended up buying a pair at size 9 instead of size 9.5 (which is what I usually wear). I am not kidding when I say that these are some of the most comfortable shoes I own - not just biking shoes - but any shoes I own.