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If you started out a roadie and wearing Lycra, you know the pitfalls of mountain biking in baggy shorts. They're baggy, and saggy. I'd agree with the first reviewer: these shorts are light, breathable, stretchy, and durable. The insert is good quality and works well. In fact, the whole short is made really well - good zippers, good materials, nice snaps up front, good fit standing up straight in them. But get on the saddle and you understand that saggy part above. I don't think mountain bike clothing makers have figured out the baggy thing yet. Lycra, of course, grabs you all over and therefore resists falling toward your knees when you're moving around on the saddle. And a bib even betters that equation. But a baggy short can only grab you in one place, around the waist. So the various manufacturers have focused on fastening systems that cinch up around this area. But I haven't found anything that works so far. And I'm afraid Fox hasn't altered my record on that count with the Attack Q4 short. The velcro fasteners inside do tighten things up around the waist. But they leave pleats around the outside of the waistband, which I find a little uncomfortable. And although the shorts fit nicely while standing on my feet, moving around on the saddle still gradually drags the shorts lower on my body so that soon enough the hems of the shorts are flapping in the wind around my knees like sheets hung to dry on a clothesline. I'm constantly looking for a straight so I can stand on my pedals and hike the short back up around my mid-section. I'm a 32 waist, and the 32 fits well. The cut is like a surf short, and they're stylish and comfortable to hang out in. I think it's a fundamental design flaw with baggies that keep them from serving the purpose well. Someone needs to engineer a better waistband, maybe. It's just unfortunate that I spent a chunk o' change on them to have to keep dragging them back into place periodically during a ride. (And they've just gone on sale!)


I bought one of these jerseys, and then got a second. I'm 5'9" and weigh about 160. The medium fits well. This isn't a tight or "slim" fitting jersey (but not baggy). Normally with European brands I go to a large (eg, Castelli, Giordana). But I didn't have to do that with Zero RH+. The sizing chart worked for this jersey. The material is light and comfortable, great for hot days. And that seam around the collar does well at keeping it up on the neck. Less suntan lotion.