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Here's what others have to say...

5 5

The light weight/thin fleece inner lining is just enough to keep the legs a little warmer on cool weather or rainy rides but not bulky or overly hot.

They have worked out great for long rides in the mountains with the big temperature swings. They work well from temps in the 40's to 90F, not many complaints about them at either end of the temp scale. Pretty much the only bibs I have ever owned that can do that.

The Cirro OF pad is nice, complies with the body and not bulky as with the older pads but with the comfort taken up a notch.


3 5

These bibs are alright. They work well for me in the 40F+ range. Euro sizing, up one from US sizing. When you consider the price for a decent bib with the pad, fleece lined, they are not all that bad for the price. The inside is lined with a thin fleece like material which does well to wick the sweat, and seem to do well with higher temps. The interior stitching can be annoying, itching the wasteline. Their pad is OK but a bit thick and bulky. The quality is decent, but fit is rather odd around the waste & crotch which could be mostly to the bulky pad. Made in Romania.


3 5

They keep me warm down to 20F.
Work just as well or better than my Pear Amfibs.
Road spray does not seem to hurt them that much, nor does a light rain or snow flurry.
Hold up to a strong cold wind, without letting things get overly sweaty or too warm at warmer temps.
Bibs work as advertised and for the price paid, the cons are not that bad.
A notch above Pearl Amfib, material is not as bulky and more flexible.

Euro sizing, one size up from US sizes, but not exactly, they seem to big somewhere in between.
The pad works, but is thick and bulky, it is like having a diaper wad between your legs.
The cut is close to but not completely to form, bunches a little behind the knee, the pad area is not all that tight.
Their products are made in obscure eastern block countries, their overall quality is OK, but a notch below EU made products.


4 5

I wear these gloves in 30-50F degree weather.I typically have cold fingers/toes, so these gloves may go down to a lower temp if you dont have this issue.

I found them to be mostly as advertised. I do have little stubby fingers, so they fit great, but a little long.

Work fine in the above freezing temps as intended.
Silicone grips are nice.Leather reinforcement around thumb to reduce wear.
I dont like wearing gloves and the fit to form no bulk is great.
Never felt hands getting too hot in warmer or sunny conditions.

Mostly windproof, but not 100%. So this helps ventilate and keeps hands from being too sweaty, but in a cold strong headwind, you can feel it leak a little.
Thumb does not have silicone grip, would be nice if it did.
No soft spot to wipe the snot off, as the exterior fabric is a little sandpaperish.