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Just got these today after trying to find a size that fits through multiple orders. I am 6" 3" & 175 lbs. My size L Castelli Claudio shorts fit absolutely perfectly. I love those bibs and I am trying to find a comparable summer short. So, I went for these. Size L in the "Endurance" are too small. The size XL seem to be right but aren't nearly as comfortable in fit as the claudio and the straps are still quite tight. The legs are shorter cut and the bib straps aren't nearly as flexible.

For all the talk Castelli makes about their Italian craftsmanship of their products, it's beyond disappointing to see the bold "made in Taiwan" stamp on the garment tag. At $180, Extremely overpriced in my opinion. Hopefully I will appreciate these more when it is 95 degrees out.


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I ordered these after concluding that overshoes were not really doing the trick.These are expensive for the what they are - socks. The bottom of the sock is so thin, I have to be careful not to rip them putting them on.They do seem to be blocking the wind which is what they are designed to do. Wearing them on top of some rather thick Assos socks, in SIDI shoes with PI cyclone toe covers, they have been keeping my feet warm from temps down to 35F so far.My one major complaint is that the tube part of the sock as it transitions to my leg, is really loose I wish it were a lot tighter to make a windproof seal.These are basically a made in italy gore product with both Gore logos & a Castelli logo stamped on it.