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2 5

I bought these wheels 2 weeks ago despite the negative reviews I had seen. I wanted these wheels to work so badly but unfortunately they are just weak. plain and simple. The riding I do is very moderate XC riding. I only ride trails, no aggressive downhill stuff or jumps or anything. 2 weeks into owning these wheels the rim tacoed. I was even running higher pressure than most in my tubeless tires (32psi) and this rim bent ridiculously easy. This was on an easy going, normal trail with a low level of technical features.

Im super disappointed because these wheels are great looking and they have great build quality. I wouldnt recommend them for all mountain riding though.

I wouldnt call these all mountain


5 5

I get compliments on this thing all the time. Its super comfortable and light. The vents also work extremely well and it covers the back of my head better than most other bike helmets.


3 5

The title kinda sums up my overall opinion. This thing works ok. The issues I have with it are like another reviwer said the security system on this isnt stellar. It will slow down a theif but I still wouldnt feel totally comfortable leaving my bike out of my sight.

The other problems are the front tire will come out of the tray at 75-80mph freeway speeds or in a headwind. I also had an issue with the rear wheel strap breaking. Luckily I live in UT where backcountry is and I just brought it in and they swapped it for a new one. The ratchet system is help together with cheap rivets that broke after 2-3 weeks of use.

If I had it to do over I would probably go Yakima.


4 5

I love this pump. The quality is great and its really easy to switch from schrader to presta. The one gripe I have about it is the button to bleed out the air is poorly placed. They put it right in the knurling that you use when you thread the pump onto the valve. Its really tough to not bleed out a couple psi when you are removing the pump from the valve stem.

This pump is great but....