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I have had a couple of issue with these tires. The first set of tires arrived and the tire has an irregular spin but Backcountry promptly sent me a replacement. I slapped on the "new" tire and got a flat within 4 miles of my first ride on them. My entry level Vittorias that I replaced lasted roughly 1000 miles and never once puntured. I know that these things can't be helped but really, after only 4 miles? I have now inspected the tire again and it has a giant slash across the the tire. I love the tire when it's fully inflated as their rolling resistance is amazing, but I just don't have confidence that these tires are going to last anywhere near 1000 miles.


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I bought a pair (power and grip) and I received a defective tire out of the box. It had an irregular roll AND exposed thread. Backcountry was great at sending a replacement and once I slapped it on the wheel, I was back in business...for about 4 miles where I got a flat. I rolled on my crappy Vittoria Rubino's for 1000 mile with out a flat but four miles in a got a flat on these expensive tires. I know flats are a part of life but now I have a tire with tear in the casing after FOUR miles over the same route that I take daily. Do Not Buy these tires!