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Charles ayres C.

Charles ayres C.

Charles ayres C.

Charles ayres C.wrote a review of on June 27, 2013

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okay, i get it... patagonia wants to show off by giving the houdini the smallest stuffed dimensions of any wind shirt. but in the process of boasting just how compact it stuffs, the ruined the zippered pocket. it has almost no usefulness. it could hold a key. maybe a drivers license? protein bar? that's it. good luck folding a map small enough to fit in there. and in the process of making such a small pocket, it is not too easy to fit the jacket into it. i have a hard time stuffing the last few square inches in and zipping it closed. had they given the pocket a bit more depth they could still brag, it might be of some use, and it would be easier to stuff. also, an angled pocket makes more sense. despite all this, it's a great jacket!

oh, i'm 5'9, 150, and a medium is as small as i could go. good thing i live in hawaii, if i had to wear many layers - like a fleece - i'd get a large.