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5 5

A very sharp pair of cycling gloves. Great graphics and design, they fit great, stay on without any slippage, and come off with the handy tab quite easily when you want them to. The varied finger length design looks edgy, and they are so light. A great pair of gloves, I sure don't want to go down and break my fall with these!


3 5

This bag does install easily and fits well under the saddle. But it is quite a bit smaller than I expected, I can only get one CO2 cartridge and a spare tube inside. But since it already has the tool and tire bars in it, it can carry the very basics.


5 5

Got this computer on sale, it has more functions that units that cost twice as much. Easy to install and setup.

I do wish that the companies that make these could design the fork transmitter to have a better view on the outside of the fork than the large battery cover.

This model does calories and carbon footprint as a bonus.


4 5

A great little pump that fits right on your frame under a bottle cage, and looks great too. As with any mini pump like this, it is a bit fragile but that's the right design. It holds right onto the valve and you can pump manually or use a CO2 cartridge. The pump allows you to carry a cartridge screwed right into the pump (but not activated) as well.

A very slick little design, and functional as well.