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I fit well on saddles that are pretty flat side to side. Rounder saddles like the Prologo Scratch or San Marco Regal cause me sit bone pain very quickly. I was riding a Fizik Antares VS but wanted something with a narrower nose and a bit of front-to-back curve. The 134mm wide Nago Evo fit the bill and the "Hard Black" color looks great on the bike. After 150 miles on it I don't think about the saddle at all when riding - it's totally comfortable and there's no pain or numbness associated with it. The construction quality of the Prologo is top notch, and I expect to get many thousands of miles out of it.


4 5

I tried this saddle gently on a trainer. The shape is good if you like a saddle that's flat from side-to-side with a bit of a rise in the back. The cutout works as advertised, the narrow nose gave plenty of thigh clearance, and the construction quality was terrific. It was a touch too narrow for me - while my sit bones fit they were at the edges of the saddle. Great if you can handle a narrower saddle.