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3 5

This is my second pair. The first pair was great and lasted almost a year, which is really good for the price. However, on the new pair, Fox went really cheap on the Velcro wrist closure. The Velcro is dirt poor quality that barely stays put. It comes loose all the time (turning my wrist at weird angles, brushing the straps against something, etc.). While riding, it's super annoying to leave it open or to reach across with one hand and try to re-fasten. I'm going to try to sew in a looped Velcro closure. Otherwise, they'd be 5 stars


1 5

Straight out of the box I noticed a 1/2" gash where the stitching was blown. Then when I looked closer I noticed another small bulge on one of the parallel seems where the stitching just totally missed the fabric. I tried it on and it was okay... as long as I kept my arm straight! Trying to bend my arm with this pad on was like curling a 60lb weight, except it also dug into my bicep. Although in fairness the fit was a little snug. I'm normally a large, occasionally a medium and these were med/large so I thought the fit would be perfect. Not so! Also, the padding didn't seem to be anything special and I don't know what the memory foam marketing is about. It certainly couldn't remember my arm was trying to bend. Straight back in the box. A waste of shipping time. Don't bother!