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4 5

a bit of a battle to get over the velcro elements of your shoe, but ultimately they keep your feet quite warm. with just one pair of wool socks and these on, my feet are not at all cold in temperatures as low as the 30s. will update review once weather permits me to try them at lower temperatures.

the material is simply neoprane, nothing fancy. it blocks wind and soaks up water but still insulates. when i remove them after a ride, they are usually moist with sweat but with no detriment to my warmth.

best features: zip up rear, reinforced ankle (superior to diluvio non-16 which lacks any reinforcement there and is likely to split up the backside the first time you pull it on), large reflective strip going up entire back of boot, warmth & windblocking, blocks middle vent on sole of shoe between cleat and heel pads

cons: on-off is a little violent due to the lack of any sort of smooth inside surface (it's just one noeprane membrane). i sometimes think it won't last more than a season. but only time will tell

sizing: castelli's size recommendations worked (size 43 real shoe, order L/XL and it's very right)

overall: buy if you want to stop shopping around for winter covers and just be warm


4 5

these do not have windproof fabric; if you use them at around or below 40 your knees will begin to snap off. returning them for some polares.

they are also very tight. 5'8" 150 lbs and they were pressing in on me in the belly region (31.5" waist) and overly constricting in other, ahem, important areas.

other than that the quality of the garment is great. interesting fabrics, lightweight, and form-fitting. just don't buy it thinking you can use it in a New York winter.


4 5

5'8" 150lbs, bought a small. it was a little too long and loose. the fabric does its job but cannot warm what it doesn't cover: the crotch. if you're riding in cold weather, you need cold weather tights/knickers and cannot get by with just these and a pair of gossamer summer shorts.

that said, these did actually warm my legs; the arrangement of windproof panels in front of the knees did work nicely.

even when i wore the warmers under my shorts, they seemed to slip down even on relatively short (10-20 miles) rides in 40 degree weather.


1 5

bought on chainlove. should've known the discount meant something was horribly wrong. this glove is not warm enough for brooklyn winters. bought in september, and exactly 3 months later, regular use of ~90 miles per week has worn a hole in the palm of the right hand. maybe i should loosen my grip?

also i've never noticed anything reflective on them. certainly hasn't stopped cars from dooring me and turning into me here in brooklyn.


4 5

while the jacket wasn't a good fit for me, I had my distant cousin, who is an orangutan, try it on and it was perfect. i would say the sleeves on this jacket were designed with him in mind.

5'8" 150 lbs, small size sleeves go all the way to my fingertips for a wizard-like appearance. i wish that the sleeves stopped at my wrist. the sleeves are also baggy enough to let in a lot of air around the bicep/tricep area, inhibiting the warming of the otherwise lovely and soft thermal fleece. putting hand on hip and measuring on the outside of my arm from my shoulder to my wrist, my arm is 22" long. unfortunately, pearl izumi's sizing chart does not include arm lengths, so i was unable to anticipate just how comically long this sleeve would be.

other than the fact that the garment doesn't fit me, it was quite warm and desirable. alas, i must return it.


4 5

SIZING: the sizing chart says a small is a 29-31.5" waist. i happily selected it, as my waist is at the lower end of that range. the UPS man came and lo, i did rejoice. but verily, i tried to pull the garment on and found it nearly impossible! at 5'8" and 150, the small was too long at the bottom and too unforgiving to coax itself around my calves and hindquarters, which understanding friends tell me are larger than some. turns out my hip measurement is a medium on pearl izumi?s sizing chart. you need to take that measurement into account, as the thermal barrier fabric does not stretch.

TEMPERATURE RATING: the label rates this at around 30F to 50F. for me, it is too warm for anything approaching 50. my test ride was not my intended use of the product; i rode on a 51F day with 9 mph wind and was sweating profusely.

OVERALL: i ordered the next size up. these are the warmth and frontal wind protection i'll need in the coming months. i may update this later after the bigger size arises.