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my first choice would be the easton ec90 for a quallity reliable fork.but if u want to spend the coin there is some super forks out there and my theory is if u dont have to think about the fork and dont realize its there its a good one.my personal favorites are th stella azzurra belagio or the alpha q cs 20 the alpha has a 44mm rake and that would be pefect for the aplication u stated its needed for and like mem4936792 keep in mind u get what u pay for.theres times thats not always true but in this instance it is i would look for the alpha they are reasonably priced as well

well first thing is the size.is 60 cm the size that you ride as well?if not go to any lbs and get sized profesionaly to make sure you buy the proper sized bike for youre replacement.second i would say would be youre budget,becaue sometimes the option for th replacemenet isnt always the most affordable option for the replacement.third would be do u want to stay with titanium?Not saying ti is bad but it is pretty rigid and youre body does feel the effects of that,expecialy if youre a rider who does long hauls with not the smoothest terrain.If you are then maybe i would consider carbon.And u certainly can get a very fine carbon frame in the same price range as ti.Carbon is much easier on youre body expecialy if youre a rider who likes to put on the miles,but if u want to stay with ti and simply reuse the groupset and componants off the crushed frame,any product litespeed makes is good!there very reputable and produce some quility products.so even a framset on there lower end of the price scale is ggoing to be a good bike.but if you want one as close to the avior as u can get u could always try ebay to actualy get another avior.or google the geometry and specs of the avior and find a bike in there current llineup thats as close to it as u can get.if u are unable to do so any litespeed dealer would gladly help u do so.or at least they should..but first i would start with the size.go to a bike shop that sells litespeed and mess around with some current models even test ride a couple if they will let u.and get properly sized on an actual litespeed frame because thats far more imposrtant than looks,cost,comonants,anything realy.u need to be on a properly fitted bike to get its full potential on a ride and ur body will pay the price if u dont.if u know the size u need ans simply are looking for a litespeed u can buy and simply swap componants.do like i said and google the avior's geometry and all the componant sizes meaning clamp sizes, seatpost size,bb size im not sure if they would change that but check,and buy the one that u can simply do that with.just make sure u got the proper size,its an underated part of getting a new ride and the most important bye far if u need help ill gladly do so bradystoff@yahoo.com hope this helps o ya once u get sized for a litespeed and find what u need make sure u come back to realcyclist.com to make the final purchase 8)

the vortex was indeed a great framset.but its also 9 years old.and alot has changed since then.and lightspeed has spent tons of time and money to improve the quaity and durability and overall performance of all the framsets they produce.i would certainly say that the archon is without a doubt comparable to the vortex that u rode in the past.im sure that once u mounted it u would notice subtle or even large diferences in the overall build quality,geometry.and performance.but without a dought this frame would not disapoint.another great choice would be xicon or the merlin xlm 25th aniversary edition they both alittle easier on the pocket book.but certainly would not disapoint.the archon is obviously the better of the three,and if u have the money i say go for it.u will soon forget about the ol vortex real quick because this frame is a thing of beuty and a true proformance mecheine.i would recomend carbon every were u could use it.Such as seat post,stem,bars,and a decent saddle.im sure youre fimiiar with the regidity of titanium,its not always the easiest on th body,all the carbon would help reduce and damper some of the road chatter and impact that youre body would nomaly be taking.to sum it all up.Do i think u will be disapointed with the archon after riding the vortex for 9 years the answer is a big NO!!just check the sizing and geometry charts for sizing to make sure you get the proper fit,because im sure they have changed some things in the past ten years an get the one closest to the geometry of youre old bike and ull be happy u upgraded im sure of it.hope this helps

well it depends on what u were using realy.i personaly like the ritchey wcs ud.but its a bit expensive.easton makes a good fork the ec 70 or 90 are both great options.about the same price range but my personal favorite and mind u its my favorite eveyones different.but i prefer the stella azzurra bellagio.or if i cant find one i always go with the 3t funda.both are premium forks but it will cost you for sure around 400 i would say.if ur on a budget i would go with the ritchey carbon a nt slr or the control tech lightning both are pretty good forks for the money and great customer service.they are both around the 200 range

i have heard of them being used in a cc race as well.without a tragic ending either i must add.i sell reynolds and i have only ever had three wheels come back with a broken spoke.and two were from rider negligence.and the third was a curb while the rider was trying to get his cell phone out of the back pouch of his jersey.the second the guys bike was laying down a someone backed into it and stepped on the wheel and broke the spoke.and the third was a group of bikes three tipped over and one bikes peddle came down right on the spoke and bingo snapped.so realy i have never heard one story of a spoke breaking because of a non quality wheelset.but thats in my small world.im sure it could happen i just have never heard of it.two of the three got replaced under warrenty with no problem.the other was after the warrenty and they wouldnt fix it,but the did sell me the spokes to fix reasonably cheap.so couldve been worse i gues. great company as far as im concerned and even better products

they will absolutly not replace after the warrenty is up.they have great customer sevice but after the warrenty they kindly direct you to the sales dept.There they offer u the option to buy the replacment spokes u need.U also get the option of sending it in to get it fixed or doing it youreself.and if u choose to send it in ask about cost before hand once out of three times i got a large bill i wasnt expecting.but they are great wheels,they fly,and theres no better sound than carbon spokes hummin as you blast past someone doing about 35 mph 8) reynolds makes a great product i wouldnt worry about broken spokes and stuff like that if used properly.ive sent three back but have also sold about 150 to 180 sets if u got the dough i say go haha