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they dont want you to know th real weight then they cant charge u more for the simple words light on the side but from my scales about 650 wich is bye no means what i consider light for a nice xc tire thats mildly aggresive but not a road hummer i would conssider the schwalbe smart sam or second choice is the furious fred the sam weighs in at a respectable 490

they are not ust but as with most all shwalbe tires a proper ust rim or a stans rimstrip and theyl save u the hassle of tubes most every tire that guex makes as long as it says tnt on it wich i think all there new line do is ust and way underated tire company in my opinion hutchinson makes ine tire for tbless aplication as well just keep an eye on the weights some of the ust tires that weigh over 650 then theres no sense ur lloosing more than u gain more weight =more rolling resistance the smart sam is a fine choice if youre lookinf for an xc tire and they dont weigh all to much either just my too cents

this rim is not capable of using rim brakes unfortunatly george if youre looking for a nice rim that is thats good and cheap as hell go to amazon right now and check out the mavic 317's there 24.99 a pair and those are rim brake compatable and in my opimiom a better quality rim but to eaches own just offering some help