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5 5

I've had these tubes on for about 100 miles and still no problems. I wouldn't call them "ultralite" as advertised, i think some tubes go for less than 95g but they are light enough. They hold air well and are sturdy enough for NYC streets. I'll be purchasing another couple of tubes if I they keep me rolling over 500 miles. They're from Vittoria so you can't go wrong.


5 5

I bought these in white as my first ever pair of cycling specific shoes. I'm new to cycling and thought I needed to upgrade my footwear from just a pair of nike running sneakers. My ankles were starting to hurt on the bike and I realized that they were hurting long after I got off my bike.

Now that's scary! I just couldn't take sitting in class or at work and having my ankles ache that bad. Not to mention the damage I was doing to my ankles was terrible.

Enter Mavic Zxellium. I decided to take the plunge because I thought this pair at this price was just too sweet to pass up. A pair of new carbon fiber soled cycling shoes for only $149.98? Where else could you find that?

The difference in power transfer is just incredible. I was getting up to speeds of +30k/h on flats easy. And better yet, my ankle pain is gone!

Mavic did a great job with these. They definitely have a subtle bling/sexy factor. Probably the only road cycling shoes I will ever buy.

I'm currently using these with Shimano 105 SPD pedals.