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As expected these fit like a glove and the quality is excellent. I wear a L in Castelli bibs/tights and while these were still a L (6' x 160 lbs.) they were slightly more snug than I expected. Probably due to the wind fabric being less stretchy. So how warm are they? I rode today in Michigan 27F with a 20+ mph NW wind and they were fine. I think this is probably close to the lower limit with this temp/wind combo especially when I turned around into the wind...keep in mind the wind fabric is only in the thighs and knees. None the less a quality product and Castelli is spot on with this addition to the Sorpasso line up. I did rate it only a 4 star because I have only used it once.


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We loose like 90% of our body heat via the head and being a folically challenged guy it's even harder to keep the noggin warm. Being 6' x 160lbs with low body fat and an under set internal thermostat I am always looking for good hat, pair of gloves and pair of socks/shoe covers.

So I am ordering a Gabba jersey and I see this one pop up. Looks pretty cool and so the usual and I read the reviews and yes they seemed to good to be true. Well it is only $30ish bucks and CC has a good return policy so why not I say.

I have had this hat a couple weeks now and have been very impressed. Did a 2 hour ride yesterday in 40F windy weather with no problems. Here is my take at this point:

1) Temperature range (at least 40F to 60F for me) It has not been colder than 40F and given the result I fully expect this end to extend easily into the 30's.
2) Ease of use under a helmet. This guy is thin and your skid lid will easily fit over it.

1) It's slightly on the $$ for a beanie but well worth it so long as I get a couple/three seasons out of it.
2) It's very elastic and very tight fitting. Glasses are not easily slid underneath it and if you leave them on the outside they slid around as its surface energy is rather low. This is a VERY minor thing....more of an annoyance that the pro's more than offset.


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I ordered this due to the many great reviews. I wanted it for those in between temps this spring. Not 10 mintues after I placed the order for these Chainlove had the Castelli Ergo big tights for like $56. Plain Jane item but great reviews so I pulled the plug and decided to compare them to the much pricery Sorpasso. They arrived the same day and without riding them I can say the Sorpasso seems to be made of ever so slighty denser material up front. So I would expect it to be slightly warmer...possibly down into the 30s. The insert is also nice but the problem is there is around a $70 difference between the two items. The Ergo also is not a walking Castelli billboard which I like and at 52 years I only ride on the weekends during the cooler months so bibs are a low use item. Conclusion. Return the Sorpasso and keep the Ergo. When was in my 20s and not flyihng a desk 9-5 I would have kep't the Sorpasso's. I think they would be an awsome tight from 35 to 50F. As for fit on both the L did the trick. 6'0" 160 lbs 30 inch waist.