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4 5

Out of the box this is a great bike. . I twiddled with the fit on some short ride in the neighborhood, just getting to know it. I was excited for the first real ride.
The first ride was yesterday and it was 35 degrees out with snow and mud on the gravel roads, and pretty clear paved roads. I loved the ride. The bike felt solid, even in the slushy piles of junk on the gravel roads.
Cleaning it up this afternoon I was disappointed to see that one cable had worn through the finish all the way to the steel on the head tube. The head tube badge was also scratched through as well.

The fit is great, I got a 61 and I am 6foot 5. I am dumping the stock wheels for something with a bit more bling.
For the price a lot of bike. I wish the finish was better. I also own the Civilian Luddite.


5 5

I was riding a Santa Cruz Superlight. So you could say that a 29er steely rigid might be a change. It was. And that change was only for the good! I cannot say enough praise about my Luddite. It is the perfect bike for the Michigan single track i ride. I replaced the tires quick with some lighter ones and flipped the stem, but other than that this bike is flawless. I have yet to be passed on this bike in the trail. I phantom shifted initially coming to a single speed. But that is gone. Just pedal harder BIOTCH. I love that this bike takes what I can throw at it. Coming from a full suspension XTR blah blah blah, this bike brings me back to what is to ride, and that is riding!
I love my Luddite so much I just listed my full carbon road bike blah blah blah and bought the Civilian Vive Le Roi D'Lux. I guess I have drank the Kool aid.
Don't you want Kool aid? It tastes pretty damn good from here!


1 5

Fit and style is so Castelli, that is it's awesome. However, you will have puddles of sweat gathering in on your arms. It does not breathe, not even a little.
The fit is great, better than just poking a hole in a trash bag for your arms and head, but the breathability of the jacket is the same as the trash bag.