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I need my pedals to do 2 things - stay out of the way of rocks and hold my feet on the damn pedals. These pedals do both. I read that there was mud shedding issues with this incarnation of the xtr pedal. I owned the m970 version and hated how I constantly popped out of them even with the tension screws maxxed out. I was going to swap over the egg beaters but I've been on rides where my bigger friends have mashed those things into axles. I've had a lot of things bust and ruin rides - but shimano spd pedals have never been one of them. So, instead I doubled down on the xtr pedals and I was glad I did. they stay out of the way of the rocks and hold my feet firmly in place. This is only after a dozen or so rides - but all most worthy and difficult. Porcupine Rim, Kokopelli trails, gold bar rim and a few back in the northeast. Just did a mud filled ride at Holyoke State Park in MA. Did fine. tires all burped out on me though...


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I ordered the medium and they were loose. Always using almost all of the velcro to hold the things in place (over tightening). I'm 5'8" 165lbs 16.75" around my calves. After a number of times wearing the guards I got a feeling in my legs like tendonitis. I don't think that is what it was but it sure felt better when I loosened the straps. But then I'd have to pull them up all the time when riding. That is dangerous and distracting. Sad too as this is my third pair of Dainese knee guards and I was very happy with the other two.